KANEMASA PHIL. "46G Atmosphere Shirt"

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This shirt is like wearing air.
The name comes from the loose silhouette and the drape of the material.
The fabric is made with a super high gauge of 46G, creating a high density plain weave pattern similar to that of a typewriter fabric.

It has high stretchability, is comfortable to wear once you put it on, and has little wrinkles or other changes in shape when worn, making it easy to care for. It is a new standard shirt fabric that only we can create, with firmness, luster, and ease of care.
The firmness and luster of the material means that although the pattern is oversized, it is not too casual. It is a luxuriously loose, one-of-a-kind shirt that combines the dressiness of the fabric with the casualness of the pattern.

[Size M]
Shoulder width: 56cm / Body width: 75 cm / Length: 76-79 cm / Sleeve length 59cm

COTTON (recycled organic) 64% / NYLON (recycled) 36%


The brand, which started in 2021SS, originated from a circular knitwear manufacturer headquartered in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture.
All items are made using super high gauge knits.
Everything from the raw materials to the knitting, dyeing, and sewing is original and exclusive to "KANEMASA".
We propose products with new value never before seen.

We find value in good, beautiful, and timeless things that have a history, at their essence, and propose a sophisticated new standard style.
We offer our customers "free values" and "good quality" born from a firm sense of beauty.