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Lamrof "like a baby shirt"

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〜Product Description〜
A special fabric with fine tucks is used throughout . Same pattern as S H 0 3 .
Furthermore, the sleeves , hem , and chest pockets have been finished with cutouts .
The details include shiny three- colored strings that add expression to the movement when worn .

[Size 1] Wearing staff: Height 169cm
Shoulder width: 52cm / Body width: 58cm / Sleeve length: 58cm / Length: 68cm

[Size 2]
Shoulder width: 53cm / Body width: 60cm / Sleeve length: 59cm / Length: 71cm

Cotton 66% / NYLON 31% / POLYURETHANE 3%


“Lamrof” was launched in 2021 by Daisuke Sakamoto, a designer from Sendai.
The brand name, Lamrof, uses the backward spelling that was popular among African jazz musicians in the 1940s, and reverses the word ``Formal'' to mean ``wearing formal attire as the ideological opposite.'' It pays homage to the history and culture of African Americans, who have had a tremendous impact on the world.
The highly unique and high-quality collections, which are not biased towards general modern trends, are created by the backbone of a designer who has gained experience working with various famous brands and is currently involved in numerous visual creations. It's being poured into it.