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Denim work pants were created in the mid-19th century in America during the Gold Rush. Over the course of its long history, they evolved into "jeans" and have become an essential fashion item in modern fashion.

In the 1990s, three-dimensional cutting technology was introduced to jeans, and many "3D Construction" jeans were developed.

The jeans we have produced this time were created based on the idea that, throughout history, there must have been prototypes like this in the product development process, from the original jeans to the introduction of three-dimensional cutting.

The material used is 14oz denim, which was developed based on the motif of 80's denim, which transitioned from red selvedge denim to selvedge denim.

The silhouette is loose-fitting and is made up of three parts: a front part, a back part, and a side panel. While retaining the original form of jeans, such as tuck buttons, rivets, and home-base-shaped patch pockets, the back yoke has been changed to darts for a three-dimensional construction.
Using beard, blasting, bio-bleaching, and laser processing,
The jeans have been processed to give them the same look as the jeans of that time.

Waist: 82cm Rise: 29.5cm Inseam: 75cm Thigh width: 33cm Hem width: 26cm
Waist: 86cm Rise: 30cm Inseam: 77cm Thigh width: 34cm Hem width: 27cm