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It is based on the PFU (PHYSICAL FITNESS UNIFORM) training pants for physical training adopted and issued by the US Army, and has been improved.
The overall silhouette is adjusted to a loose straight silhouette.
The lining has been removed, the front opening has a zipper, the right hip has a zipper pocket, the back of the knee pads are made of mesh material, a concealed zipper is attached, and ventilation (air conditioning function) is used to double as a pocket.
The silhouette can be adjusted at the hem with a zipper and drawcord.
The material is a polyester twill material woven with Taslan yarn and hollow fibers and treated to be water repellent.
We aim to create training pants that can be worn all season, with a cotton-like soft feel, lightweight, heat retention, water absorption, quick drying, and durability.

Waist: 70-80cm / Rise: 30.5cm / Inseam: 74cm / Waist: 34.5cm / Hem width: 24.5cm

Waist: 75-85cm / Rise: 31cm / Inseam: 76cm / Waist: 35.5cm / Hem width: 25.5cm