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Based on the motif of the "M-47" cargo pants adopted by the French army in 1947, we interpreted that "the later model was made with improvements from the earlier model," and selected the later model as the base and improved it. was applied.
The depth of the rise and overall silhouette have been adjusted, and the front buttons feature hooks instead of buttons, incorporating elements of trousers.
The material is shiny cotton twill woven with combed yarn. The specifications have been faithfully reproduced, paying homage to the craftsmanship of French craftsmen, such as the M-47's characteristic front seam pockets, cargo pockets, and reinforced fabric on the inside of the crotch.
In consideration of functionality when putting on and taking off, the front opening was changed from a button to a ZIP made by TALON, an American company that was an allied nation with France in 1947.
We aim to create products that are more suitable for modern life.

Waist: 82cm / Inseam: 77cm / Waist: 34cm / Hem width: 24.5cm

Waist: 86cm / Inseam: 79cm / Waist: 35.5cm / Hem width: 25cm