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yorozu "CORDURA Tasuki Shoulder No. 2"

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A matte nylon material made with Cordura thread.
It has a 3- layer structure by laminating a moisture-permeable waterproof coating and tricot.
Although the fabric has a multi-layered structure, it is not stiff and is extremely soft, making it easy to adjust to your body when styling.
The material is lightweight and resistant to rain.
The included leather is made of Japanese nubuck, which is a slightly brushed material.
Nubuck leather is made by buffing the silver side of cowhide.
The texture is smooth, pleasant to the touch, and warm. You can enjoy aging with time.
The shoulder width is 95mm , which is thicker than regular bags.
The tip of the sword comes with a pocket where you can store your smartphone, etc.
The interior is also equipped with a handle, so it can also be used as a tote.

<Size> W45 H35 D16
<Material> CORDURA 3 Layer JP COW Leather

◉yorozu is a Japanese fashion brand. Launched from the 2019 Fall/Winter Kirihana Collection.
Reconstructing objects, shapes, and values ​​that have transcended time and shaped history, and as the name suggests, while paying attention to all things, we create unique products that are neither Japanese nor Western. Aim to be on the outside. The brand's mission is to "propose new value and lifestyle through products."