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Created based on the well-known Type-2 denim jacket. Made from 14oz denim fabric from Okayama Prefecture, it is available in unwashed denim with a heavy feel.
A leather cinch back is placed at the waist, so you can adjust the fit and silhouette by tightening it. The chest pocket, which is unique to Type-2, has a pocket where you can insert your hand from the side and a pocket on the flap part, which are independent, so there is no need to worry about not being able to put your hands in when you put something in it. The collar has snap buttons and can be worn up, expanding the range of coordination. Each hook button has an original engraving just like the jeans. In addition to being worn as a single layer as a light outerwear or as an inner layer for coats and heavy outerwear, this size is a must-have item for your closet.

[Size 1]
Shoulder width: 53cm / Body width: 57cm / Sleeve length: 56cm / Length: 54cm

[Size 2]
Shoulder width: 55cm / Width: 59cm / Sleeve length: 58cm / Length: 56cm

Country of manufacture: Made in Japan
Material: 100% cotton

*Products are washed. Therefore, each product has its own wash texture.
*Shrinkage may vary depending on the location of the fabric during washing. Therefore, there may be an error of approximately 0.5cm in the measurement. Thank you for your understanding in advance.


The brand name was decided based on the concept of incorporating complex elements into simple elements.

Even in today's fashion industry, where trends change rapidly, the brand's team members plan what is ``what you really want'' and ``what you can cherish for a long time'' and produce all items made in Japan.

Just as there are second-hand clothes on the market that have been passed on and loved by many people for decades, SC clothes are not something that you will stop wearing after just one year. Although they are simple clothes that can be worn, they are unique and have intricate designs, and are loved by people for 10 to 20 years.We produce them with world-class Japan-made quality. The brand's motto is to communicate not only to the world, but also to the world.