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yorozu "Arms Tote"

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A crunchy classic tote. The shape is called The Tote. It has a large capacity of approximately 57 liters. Generally, one night and two days is said to be a comfortable size.
The main opening/closing opening is a zipper specification.
You don't have to worry about dropping things.
There is no problem even if you leave the zipper open.
Even when you don't have much baggage, it has a shape that feels just right, so it can also be used as a styling accent.The reflective piping on the mouth and back is the highlight.
You can store your smartphone etc. in the mesh pocket on the back.
There are 4 open pockets on the interior, allowing for subdivided storage.
The main body fabric is JIS standard grade 5 3- layer nylon.
A technical material that repels water and doesn't get stuffy. The accessories are made of nubuck leather, which feels nice and warm to the touch.
You can enjoy aging with time.

100% nylon
W 60.0cm, H 40.0cm, D 24.0cm

◉yorozu is a Japanese fashion brand. Launched from the 2019 Fall/Winter Kirihana Collection.
Reconstructing objects, shapes, and values ​​that have transcended time and shaped history, and as the name suggests, while paying attention to all things, we create unique products that are neither Japanese nor Western. Aim to be on the outside. The brand's mission is to "propose new value and lifestyle through products."