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ADSR Dee S R )

A vintage style combination model with a shape somewhere between a Boston and a Wellington. Modern touches such as the keyhole bridge with sharp edges and spring hinges with a wide range of motion create a retro-modern atmosphere.
The end parts are made of classic Havana fabric, which acts as a balancer to add stability to the fit.

" ADSR ( A Dee S " R " is a Japanese eyewear brand that started in 2010 .

The brand name "ADSR" is an acronym for the parameters "Attack" and "Decay" that control the sound of electronic musical instruments. This name represents the concept of creating a product by delicately controlling various design elements such as materials, form, and coloring.

Just like music, the eyewear is designed to make the most of the various properties of the materials, without compromising the atmosphere of classic eyewear, and the brand offers a cutting-edge collection that is modernized using various music cultures as design sources .